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El Salvador: Women Face Imprisonment If They Miscarry

Imagine that  you are a woman in El Salvador and suffer a miscarriage, there is a chance that you may be jailed up to 50 years for aggravated homicide.
by Isabela Vrba


ISIS Sex Slave Market Staged In London

We’ve all read about the savage beheadings of journalists and aid workers by the Islamic State (IS), as well as the horror tales of them taking over towns and villages and destroying non-Sunni places of worship. 
by Priyanka Mogul

Nobel Peace Prize Winners for 2014

And The Nobel Peace Prize Goes To…

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Pakistani teenager and girls’ rights advocate, Malala Yousafzai, alongside Indian children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi. As most of us already know, Malala Yousa...
by Jamal Russell Black



Meet The Woman That Spent 10 Days In An Insane Asylum To Change Journalism Forever

When Elizabeth Cochran was just twenty years old she read a particularly upsetting editorial in her local paper entitled What Girls Are Good For. In short, the column effectively considered the answer to be nothing.  Eliza...
by Abby Norman

International Political Forum

Indian Politicians Are At The Heart Of The Country’s Misogyny Epidemic

Recently George Osborne visited India on a mission to encourage further trade links. There was much talk of the economic potential of India, to match the weight of expectation the Indian people have placed on Narenda Modi’s n...
by Lucy Ratcliffe


The Dangers Of Comparing Domestic Violence Between Men and Women

A while ago, a domestic abuse advert by the ‘Man Kind Initiative’ was uploaded on YouTube. The advert was produced by the charity to highlight that violence does in fact occur against men, such as domestic abuse. Al...
by Nuzhat Fatima


International Political Forum

Sexual Violence In Conflict Zones: When Will It End?

Throughout the reporting of international conflict, debate and discussions frequently revolve solely around issues of military actions, foreign spending, and often a clash of ideologies. As a result, an essential element to th...
by Nora Turriago

International Political Forum

High-Flying Saudi Woman Becomes Second In The Country To Receive A Pilot’s License

Captain Yasmeen Muhammad Yusuf Al-Maimani has become the second Saudi Arabian woman to earn her commercial pilot license. 20-year-old Yasmeen Muhammad Yusuf Al-Maimani has successfully received her commercial pilot license, m...
by Urban Times

International Political Forum

After An Indian Minister Says ‘Sometimes Rape Is Right’, #MenAgainstRape Stand Up In Pakistan

Is it easier to condemn rape when it happens elsewhere? How about when it happens right across the border? The #MenAgainstRape hashtag started trending again, this time in Pakistan, reportedly after Babulal Gaur, an Indian ...
by Global Voices