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Five Milestones For Women’s Rights We Should Achieve In 2015

Five Milestones For Women’s Rights We Should Achieve In 2015 This year will see the 20th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women in September 1995 in Beijing, which produced a blueprint for advancing womenR...
by Sneha Nanavati


Career Disruption And What It Means For Women In Seoul Today?

A new study recently published has shown that one in three women in Seoul are experiencing a widening age gap. This comes after many women reported to have suffered from career disruptions. During the past two decades, South Ko...
by Nuzhat Fatima

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Somewhere In America…

If you haven’t already seen this video then you need to stop EVERYTHING you are doing right now. Watch it. I can guarantee it will be the most powerful thing you will watch this year! The video is of three American teenag...
by Rebecca Shearer



Driving Ban And Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia

Two female Saudi activists were sent to the Specialised Criminal Court that deals with terrorist cases in capital city Riyadh after they were caught trying to drive into the Kingdom.
by Bauke Danielle Schram


‘Me’: On Gender Constructs

This poem is about attitudes that try to define a particular gender, and how different societal labels lead to subtle discrimination.      I was born, and you looked at your weighing scales. I babbled, she smiled and filled ...
by Minal Ruhela


Top 10 Superheroines To Watch Out For Beyond 2014

Think of a movie superhero, and the odds are you will imagine a muscular white man equipped with spandex and a suitable amount of chest hair. But if 2014 is anything to go by, that may be about to change.
by Heenali Patel


Domestic violence

UK Women Aged 16-24 Most At Risk Of Being In An Abusive Relationship

The Home Office recently claimed that women in the United Kingdom aged 16-24 are most at risk of being in an abusive relationship, especially while attending university.
by Isabela Vrba

Image Credit: Jezebel

El Salvador: Women Face Imprisonment If They Miscarry

Imagine that  you are a woman in El Salvador and suffer a miscarriage, there is a chance that you may be jailed up to 50 years for aggravated homicide.
by Isabela Vrba


ISIS Sex Slave Market Staged In London

We’ve all read about the savage beheadings of journalists and aid workers by the Islamic State (IS), as well as the horror tales of them taking over towns and villages and destroying non-Sunni places of worship. 
by Priyanka Mogul