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Casting a new shade on the European migrant crisis

Migration is not a phenomenon of the 21st century. Throughout history people have moved from one nation or region to another for economic, social, political or environmental reasons. In the month of July alone, 50,000 migrants ...
by Rochelle Thompson

Battles on the streets in Kiev, behind monuments to the city's founders. Image Credit: Getty

A brief overview and contextualization of the Ukrainian crisis

On November 21, 2013, a chain of events began which have resulted in a crisis that many consider to be the most pressing threat to global stability today. When Ukraine’s ex-president Viktor Yanukovych suspended involvemen...
by Cody Wooden

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Saudi Succession Crisis: The Political Power Struggles Inside The House Of Saud

The Saudi succession crisis recently had overshadowed the century-old House of Saud since the incumbent ruler, 90 year-old King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, had been hospitalized due to ‘deteriorating’ health conditions. On the ...
by Shafiy Mazlan


Image Source: PBS Newshour

Burkina Faso: The Downfall Of Another Tyrant In Africa

The recent popular revolution in Burkina Faso and the resignation of President Blaise Compaoré has emerged as a ‘warning alarm’ to African tyrants who are bent on eternalising themselves in power. The political crisis in B...
by Albert Mbiatem

Man in a Nottingham street [Image Credit: Hayley Donald Photography]

Immigrants Are People Too, With Stories: Here’s Mine.

There is something startling in how little the British seem to know about their history. The same holds true for the majority of Europeans. I arrived in the UK aged 13 from Portugal in 2004. My father had been in England for 1...
by Davide Castro


The Forgotten Half of Cyprus

During the past few weeks of financial turmoil, the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been in the spotlight of the international media. But what few reporters seem to remember is that this is an island divided in two. Th...
by Boel Marcks von Würtemberg



Over-Capacity, or what does the closing of Ford Genk teach us about Europe?

On Wednesday October 24th, the employees of the Ford factory in Genk, Belgium were given the news that the factory will be closed, and all employees will have to find another job by 2014. This obviously directly affects the 4.2...
by Gilles Pittoors


‘Things Fall Apart’

My maternal grandmother has been an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) since 1997, immediately after the December elections and the subsequent ethnic clashes that ensued. My maternal grandfather and his second family followed th...
by Ruth Nyambura

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The Success And Failure Of The Euro And The Greek Drama

“The euro is much more than just a currency, it is a symbol of European integration in every sense of the word” Wim Duisenberg – former chief of the European Central Bank, 30th August 2001.
by George Konstantinidis